Sticky Post: BTSjunkie Whores Himself Out

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The Great AFF Escape

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*Note: The name of the film we were at the venue to see is not important and it will be not be named to avoid any sort of negative feelings towards it based on this unrelated event. Also, it is important to note that never was anyone involved (the producer of the film nor the AFF staff) rude to us. It was more of an uncomfortable, chaotic situation with no malice involved.

3:00: After watching the incredible ECSTASY OF ORDER: THE TETRIS MASTERS with my buddy JC, we wander into Mekong river to grab a bite to eat. During the meal I text Carolee (@leiabox) to see if she wants to join me for a 5:00 movie at the Alamo Ritz.

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Watched: 3/3/2011

I watched this at home in preparation for a SXSW interview with director Adrián García Bogliano. The story is simple, a man goes to look for his girlfriend who has been lured into a strange home. Inside, things gets weird and explosive. It’s a simple film filled with simple, primal pleasures. I knew as soon as I finished watching this I absolutely had to watch it again on the big screen at the fest. Fortunately, I had a great interview with Adrián and was afforded the opportunity to intro his film and lead Q&A with him. After the fest he gave me some of his earlier works. Look for some write-ups on those later.

Read my full review of COLD SWEAT over at!

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Horror Movie Night: THE CURSE (1987)

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Watched: 3/2/2011

A meteor crash lands on Wil Wheaton’s farm in this loose adaptation of Lovecraft’s “The Colour Out of Space”. The meteorite melts into the ground and things start to get weird as fruits becomes infested with maggots and explode and people turn into weird mutation blobby people. Directed by David Keith (!), produced/2nd unit directed by Lucio Fulci (!!), and featuring the best plucking-spores-from-ass scene of the ’80s, THE CURSE is an curious film that is actually highly entertaining. It spawned 3 sequels, the rest of which will play Horror Movie Night in 2011 and 2012.

Buy THE CURSE on DVD here!

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Terror Tuesday: BRAIN DAMAGE (1988)

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Watched: 3/1/2011

I usually don’t like ranking films, especially when they come from a (more or less) consistently good director but if backed into a corner I might tell you BRAIN DAMAGE is my favorite Henenlotter film. The film is about a boy named Brian who ends up having a phallic looking drug monster named Aylmer attached to him. Brian gets injected with euphoria-causing drugs and Aylmer gets to use Brian’s body to find the delicious brains he loves to eat. I love everything about this film, it’s filthy, funny, and full of great creature and gore effects. The Aylmer revelation scene in the bathroom is one of my favorite scenes EVER. I was super excited to see this in 35mm but didn’t really realize how much it had been cut when it was released back in ’88. I’m hoping people that were at the Terror Tuesday screening that enj0yed the film track down the Synapse DVD. The film is quite juicy in its uncut form, especially the infamous blowjob scene!


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Watched: 2/28/2011

A group of super hot petty criminals sentenced to community service in the woods are stalked by a serial killer and animals. Sounds awesome, right? Well, unfortunately it takes WAY too long to get awesome. It’s well into act 3 before any major blood is spilled. Admittedly, once it does begin flowing there are some awesome gore effects. It’s a well shot and pretty decently acted low-budget affair but sadly just isn’t that entertaining until the end.


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Watched: 2/28/2011

This was a fairly engrossing documentary about micro-budget filmmaker Don Dohler (THE ALIEN FACTOR, NIGHTBEAST). The requisite modern day filmmakers (like J.J. Abrams?!) discuss their being influenced by Don’s indie spirt, etc. The movie made me realize I don’t know which Dohler movie(s) I’ve seen. I know I’ve seen at least 1 or 2. I think I’ll catch up by programming some of his work during Horror Movie Night 2012. A decent watch for anyone interested in low-budget, indie horror.

Buy BLOOD, BOOBS, & BEAST on DVD here!

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Watched: 2/27/2011

Wheeler drifts into a small town not necessarily looking for trouble but is the kind man that has trouble following him wherever he goes. He is hired to kidnap an oil baron. When the kidnapped man escapes, Wheeler’s assistant chases after him. This happens while Wheeler is out doing other crazy stuff like terrorize a young barmaid played by Linnea Quigley in her first role. The scene is intense, trashy and sort of a microcosmic peek at the rest of Quigley’s career to come. PSYCHO FROM TEXAS benefits most by a powerful performance by John King III as Wheeler. He’s not much to look at but there’s intense, brooding psychosis apparent in his every move. I hope it was just acting because this guy is a bit creepy. The movie attempts to explain Wheeler’s mental state by showing flashbacks of his childhood watching his prostitute mother earn a living. It kinda works, I guess. The whole thing is just dripping in sleeze and that’s why I love it! Oh, I wish the song they use over and over again in this movie, “Yesterday was a Long Time Ago” was available somewhere. It’s gloriously bad and supremely catchy!

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