The Reel Grit Endurance Challenge started in LA and we Austin folks finally got permission to hold our own. The basic premise is a film marathon where all the movies are generally considered awful, participants may not talk through the films, if one must use the restroom one must do so in less than a minute or be forced to stand for the remainder of the film, etc. It is exactly what its name implies. The problem is, it seems we Austinites have more tolerance for crap…

You’re going to have to use your imagination on this one. It’s not on IMDB. It’s a church made come-to-Jesus film that focuses on Latino gangs. Basically the lead character gets out of prison and finds life on the outside rough. Only Jesus can help him. Or can he???


::Now some shot on video Christian Latino prison movie called DUKE OF EARL. This is gonna hurt! #RGECA #fb::

::DUKE OF EARL has the longest, angriest “come to God” speech ever. Plus gang fights. #RGECA::

::Duke just came to Jesus. Tearfully. His days on the streets are over. Still don’t know why it’s called DUKE OF EARL, though. #RGECA::

::The “where are they now” title cards at the end of DUKE OF EARL are the best things I’ve ever seen. 4 films down! #RGEC #fb::

It’s heart was in the right place and it was actually quite entertaining for the most part. Great random VHS score by @reeldistraction. (Later, though, we learned that a qualification for an RGEC film is that it must have played theatrically.  Oops!)

  • 2011 New: 65
  • 2011 Re-see: 31
  • 2010 TOTAL: 96

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