Watched: 2/27/2011

Wheeler drifts into a small town not necessarily looking for trouble but is the kind man that has trouble following him wherever he goes. He is hired to kidnap an oil baron. When the kidnapped man escapes, Wheeler’s assistant chases after him. This happens while Wheeler is out doing other crazy stuff like terrorize a young barmaid played by Linnea Quigley in her first role. The scene is intense, trashy and sort of a microcosmic peek at the rest of Quigley’s career to come. PSYCHO FROM TEXAS benefits most by a powerful performance by John King III as Wheeler. He’s not much to look at but there’s intense, brooding psychosis apparent in his every move. I hope it was just acting because this guy is a bit creepy. The movie attempts to explain Wheeler’s mental state by showing flashbacks of his childhood watching his prostitute mother earn a living. It kinda works, I guess. The whole thing is just dripping in sleeze and that’s why I love it! Oh, I wish the song they use over and over again in this movie, “Yesterday was a Long Time Ago” was available somewhere. It’s gloriously bad and supremely catchy!

  • 2011 New: 71
  • 2011 Re-see: 31
  • 2010 TOTAL: 102

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