RGECA 2010: The Willbreaker

Watched: 2/27/2011

The Reel Grit Endurance Challenge started in LA and we Austin folks finally got permission to hold our own. The basic premise is a film marathon where all the movies are generally considered awful, participants may not talk through the films, if one must use the restroom one must do so in less than a minute or be forced to stand for the remainder of the film, etc. It is exactly what its name implies. The problem is, it seems we Austinites have more tolerance for crap…

The thing about RGEC is that it ends with a Willbreaker, a movie that is supposed to be so bad nobody can stand it, it’s the movie that destroys your soul after 12 hours of awfulness. And the reward for making through is… the Willbreaker is a secret everyone who participates takes to the grave. I can’t even tell you when it was made, who was in it, anything… I WILL say, though, that it wasn’t the worst movie of the night and I’d probably watch it again someday if it was put on in front of me and I didn’t have the power to change it.

  • 2011 New: 69
  • 2011 Re-see: 31
  • 2010 TOTAL: 100


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