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Cinemapocalypse 2010: I COME IN PEACE (1989)

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Watched: 8/6/2010

Next up was a film 1,000x more badass. And it’s still a goofy film. I was iffy about this movie playing this event (even though I love it) but I found myself loving it even more this time.

Lucky me! I wrote a good deal about this movie back when I first started this blog and it played at Terror Tuesday. So, here’s what I had to say when I first saw this film earlier this year:

Now that I’ve seen I COME IN PEACE I can say it does NOT disappoint. This is what I call entertainment! There’s Dolph Lundgren first and foremost. He is just a badass is most everything he does and he is allowed to deliver some real zingers in this one, mostly in his exchanges with his FBI sidekick. Lundgren plays Det. Jack Caine who becomes involved in an investigation into the murders of some drug dealers and a haul of missing cocaine. He is assigned a real pinhead of a partner from the FBI, Special Agent Laurence Smith (Brian Benben) and together they unravel the mystery behind the 6′ 5″ evil alien Talec (Matthias Hues).

Everything about this movie is great. There’s the aforementioned Lundgren factor (I really need to see MORE of his movies, he may be my next project) – he is having fun in this role and the script just keeps handing him great lines, especially in his exchanges with Special Agent Smith. The alien weaponry which consists of a spinning, flying CD and a gun that make trees (and pretty much everything else) explode are awesome in their ridiculousness. Speaking of explosions, @noahphex mentioned he counted 30 explosions. I believe it! EVERYTHING explodes in this movie and as often as possible. There’s a strip-club scene with requisite boob shots. And then there’s the leading lady who is the most plain Jane action hero girlfriend I think I’ve ever seen. She’s barely a character and she couldn’t be described as a looker. She’s just there to be someone else off which Lundgren can bounce some lines. It was fun seeing Houston in the 80s being blown to shit. The music was, sadly, not very memorable but was precisely adequate for this type of movie.

You know if you’re the audience for which this movie is intended. And I’m just here to tell you it’s one of the super fun ones. It’s played straight faced and without apology for its lunacy (as in the ridiculous “running” and faces the evil alien is constantly making not to mention the weird alien drug plot). Come in peace and go in pieces!

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Cinemapocalypse 2010: DEMOLITION MAN (1993)

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Watched: 8/6/2010

Write-ups will be rushed (and probably full of typos!) as I’m desperately trying to catch up! Sorry!!

This years Cinemapocalypse was to be a action-junkies dream night, with 3 badass flicks starring people from the the cast of THE EXPENDABLES and then a preview screening of THE EXPENDABLES as the finale. When they announced the lineup, though, I was a bit underwhelmed and ended up going because everyone I knew was going.

I usually don’t drink at these sorts of events, booze makes me tired if I stop drinking and because these things run overnight I am forced to stop drinking at some point. However, I broke that rule this night but it turned out to be a good thing because DEMOLITION MAN was the first film. I’ve been boycotting Sandra Bullock for years so I wasn’t too happy to break that streak. Turns out I was right to fret as I’ve grown to just despise this film. It takes all kinds of badassery (Snipes, Stallone, sci-fi) and castrates it with constant AWFUL jokes. There’s not even enough action to keep things moving along and by the time the finale rolled around I decided to sleep off the booze and took a nap that allowed me to stay awake without any problems the rest of the night.


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