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Terror Tuesday: BRAIN DAMAGE (1988)

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Watched: 3/1/2011

I usually don’t like ranking films, especially when they come from a (more or less) consistently good director but if backed into a corner I might tell you BRAIN DAMAGE is my favorite Henenlotter film. The film is about a boy named Brian who ends up having a phallic looking drug monster named Aylmer attached to him. Brian gets injected with euphoria-causing drugs and Aylmer gets to use Brian’s body to find the delicious brains he loves to eat. I love everything about this film, it’s filthy, funny, and full of great creature and gore effects. The Aylmer revelation scene in the bathroom is one of my favorite scenes EVER. I was super excited to see this in 35mm but didn’t really realize how much it had been cut when it was released back in ’88. I’m hoping people that were at the Terror Tuesday screening that enj0yed the film track down the Synapse DVD. The film is quite juicy in its uncut form, especially the infamous blowjob scene!


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  • 2010 TOTAL: 105

Horror Movie Night: THE BEING (1983)

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Watched: 2/23/2011

Considering how much fun I had with this movie when I watched it alone last year, I KNEW I had to put it on the HMN 2011 schedule. And as tribute to my favorite scene in them movie (which takes place at a drive-in) I made hot dogs and tater tots for everyone. The film went over very well with the crowd! Here are my thoughts from last year:

If I had known what I know now before I started this movie, I would have forced all my buddies to come over and watch this with me. This is the kind of movie I search for as I’m watching movie after movie, suffering through dreck nobody should ever have pass through their eyeballs. THE BEING is now one of my favorite bad movies and it’s hard to recall all the awesome bits after just one viewing as I was laughing so hard… out loud… by myself.

THE BEING, directed by Jackie Kong who gave us the amazing BLOOD DINER (1987), sets this tale of toxic woe in small Idaho town. We know this because the movie begins with narration so trailer-like, I was sure they put the preview of the movie I was about to watch right before the movie. Included in this narration is the movies tagline “The ultimate terror has taken form”. I don’t know about all that, but a young boy is decapitated in the opening scene. And that’s major bonus points.

Something is killing people, mostly by coming into their cars via air vents and then (maybe?) dissolving them. I say maybe because we see the typical horror creature kills and then when the police arrive on the scene there is no body. It’s never really explained. Don’t worry about it. On the case is Detective Mortimer Lutz (yes, really) who is played by the movie’s producer Bill Osco using the pseudonym Rexx Coltrane (yes, really). Osco’s performance isn’t so much acting as it is what you’d expect a deaf mute person to do if you put them in front of a camera with a scrip such as this. To call it wooden would be to insult wood.

Meanwhile, we learn that a company is dumping toxic waste into the city’s water supply. As in DIRECTLY into it. No worries, though, as Garson Jones (Martin Landau looking extremely bored) explains that everything is okay. As the bodies pile up, the being (whatever it is) becomes obsessed (or something… maybe?) with Detective Lutz and this all leads to a final showdown.

Things I love: The performances are so out of the world bad but everyone appears to KNOW they are bad so it’s kinda fun. The literal script (you’ll see what I mean). The kills are actually kinda fun. The haphazard way in which various angles of the same scene are shot at different times of the day. The stoners (see below). The creature itself has one eye and it’s a LAZY EYE. The final showdown culminates in Detective Lutz hanging from the ceiling of a warehouse… for a long time… with nothing going on… at all… before falling on his ass.

I love this movie. And here’s a small taste that should explain why:

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 89


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Watched: 2/21/2011

A true surprise from Hong Kong. This social satire is an outrageously gory horror flick (supposedly based on a true story) about a woman, beaten down for years by corrupt economic systems and uncontrolled growth in the Hong Kong harbor, who has her sights set on one particular apartment. When it becomes impossible for her to obtain it the usual way, she goes on a rampage. Hilarious, sometimes touching and awesomely brutal, DREAM HOME can leave you with a sore neck from the speed with which it changes tone. The 2nd viewing is easier to swallow (the 1st is more shocking than anything). I haven’t seen anything else from director Ho-Cheung Pang but he shows himself as having an incredible eye in this film. Some great tilt-shift effects and truly breathtaking photography of seas of apartments buildings and gory deaths alike. Great film.

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 87


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Watched: 2/19/2011

This movie is unrelated to the first film, in terms of plotting and tone. This movie is much more playful and finds a young man inheriting a house, digging up his great great grandfather who isn’t quite dead, befriending a caterpuppy and running afoul of an badass (but evil) cowboy named Slim. Yes, it can be ridiculous at times but things are kept mostly fun and it comes from the era of practical effects and they are quite good here. Growing up I saw this one on TV far more than I ever saw the original and several scenes have remained in my memory but none more than the dinnertime revelation of Slim. It’s a really standout moment. The film isn’t too violent (though it has some pretty heavy subject matter) so kids shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying it. I grew up with it from a very young age and I turned out just fine.


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  • 2010 TOTAL: 81


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Watched: 2/19/2011

Stewart Raffill (TAMMY AND THE T-REX, MAC AND ME) makes a special kind of bad movie and you can always tell his stinkbombs are his. In that way, he is an auteur. His latest film, about the happenin’ world of dance competition, is so full of odd elements (a hard talkin’ teenage girl who can control animals such as scorpions with a whistle, a hard gamblin’ Irish grandfather, pre-teens who drive cars, dance competitions that require Xbox headsets, musical numbers, dresses cut so poorly 12-year-old girls look 7 months pregnant) it’s pretty much the ultimate Raffill film.  And it’s so completely watchable because of all the things it does wrong. The reason why Raffill films, bad as they can be, are a joy to watch is that his heart always seems in the right place, he’s just hampered by things such as budget issues and (I have to assume, I have no proof of this) some form of blindness & deafness. He always TRIES and that’s something that can be appreciated, even while you’re laughing at ludicrous characters such as Alanna Wannabe (and she’s GONNA be).


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  • 2010 TOTAL: 80

AMER (2009)

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Watched: 2/17/2011

I first saw this at SXSW 2010 and wasn’t totally sure what to make of it, though I did recognize that it was going for the FEELING of giallo, rather than actually BEING a giallo. And I knew I wanted to see it again. Thankfully, I was finally able to import the Blu-ray and can say I absolutely LOVE this movie. More a collection of a scenes in three parts, each a stage of a girl’s development from child to womanhood, there’s so many movie images, stirring sounds and incredible music, the power of the film can’t be denied. If you’re looking for a narrative, this is not your movie. You must just let it wash over you as is and you’ll be rewarded.

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 78


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Watched: 2/15/2011

I was super stoked for this. It was shown at the Alamo Drafthouse Village by Quint from AICN for his birthday. Watching this movie on 35mm with a bunch of friends was a dream come true. This is probably the most consistently awesome film of the NOES series. I still find the first one to the “best” but I’d watch this one over and over again. The special effects are simply stunning at times (especially the big Freed-worm in that awesome Thai poster above). Direct Chuck Russell also directed my go-to “favorite movie”, THE BLOB (1988) and it’s a shame he didn’t go on to do more practical effects heavy awesome ’80s films. Freddy peaked with this film, he has his humor but he’s also a real scary jackass and some of the deaths are pretty harsh (the marionette scene is actually very rough, the ligaments ripping out of the body still makes me cringe!).

Buy A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS on DVD here! Or the entire NOES Collection on DVD here!

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 76