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Sticky Post: BTSjunkie Whores Himself Out

Posted in Random Thoughts on October 25, 2010 by btsjunkie

This is a post collecting my appearances on friend’s blogs & podcasts. It’ll stay up here. Look down below for the new write-ups! Continue reading


Movie Break: The Longwood Fire

Posted in Random Thoughts on March 26, 2010 by btsjunkie

BTSjunkie note: I was going through my old MySpace blog and found this that I wrote to preserve the memory of one of the most horrific nights of my life. I have not edited it, added to it or subtracted from it, I just wanted to copy it over to preserve it. It was written in 2006, 5 years after the fire.

Just off the Longwood campus is a gas station/convienience store called Par Bills (POOR Bills… get it?!). And that’s where Liz White, Katie & I were headed that night. It was a quick hop skip over to the store to get some snacks. On our way out, when passing the Grainger fountain, we saw a cop drive up on the sidewalk. We thought nothing of it. The Colonnades were always a target for pranks. The fire alarms went off ALL THE TIME during initiation season. Liz was my RA, she thought nothing of it as well. We got to the other side of campus. That’s when something caught my eye. Across the way I could see the Ruffners (part of the Colonnades where I lived – more on that later). And from the the roof of West Ruffner I saw flames. Not little ones either. This was major.

I remember clearly we were at the light by the high rises and when I saw the flames I exclaimed “OH MY GOD”. Liz turned her head: “HOLY SHIT” was her response. Katie floored it. Honking her horn and speeding through traffic she sped back to the other end of campus to the Colonnades. By that time in the year people were numb to fire alarms. This was real.

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@btsjunkie is at SXSW!

Posted in Random Thoughts on March 17, 2010 by btsjunkie

Miss me? I’m at SXSW and I’m not updating this blog until after. But you can read all my thoughts on everything I’m seeing at the festival via PopSyndicate…

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My 100 Favorite Movies

Posted in Random Thoughts on February 26, 2010 by btsjunkie

[This post will remain sticky and at the top for a while. New write-ups start under this post!]

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What’s this about?

Posted in Random Thoughts with tags on January 7, 2010 by btsjunkie

This is my blog you have found. Good for you! The main purpose of this is too keep a tally and share with some awesome people like @Schofizzy @cahcat @zombiefreak @noahphex & @ReelDistraction my running tally and thoughts about movies.

It’s that simple! I will also keep that count at the bottom of each review post. I may also blog about random shit that crosses my mind from time to time. You never know! I don’t expect anyone to really read this so it may get crazy!!!!

-BTS Junkie