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Rolling Roadshow: JAWS (1975)

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Watched: 7/30/2010

Write-ups will be rushed (and probably full of typos!) as I’m desperately trying to catch up! Sorry!!

I don’t really need to say anything about the movie, I think it’s a damn near perfect film, one that delivers the thrills no matter how many times you watch it. No, here I more want to gush about the awesome event the Alamo Drafthouse had to celebrate this awesome film. It’s more accurately described as a Floating Roadshow. We went out to Window Point on Lake Travis just a few minutes outside of Austin. The movie screen was on the shore, setup so it could be viewed from land or, more fun, by sea! Inner tubes were provided and a blob of people in the water watched the movie together once the sun went down. It was a bit hard steering around as the tide tended to want to pull people out to sea. Divers came around scaring groups of people, tugging on legs, threatening tubers via deep, nigh untraceable lights and, at one point, a giant fin swimming through the crowd. It’s the kind of stuff the Drafthouse is famous for and was a wonderful way to experience this film once again.

Reel Distraction has some notes about his experiences here.

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