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Saturday Morning Kid’s Club: BEETLEJUICE (1988)

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Watched: 10/30/2010

When this movie came out in 1988 my dad promised to take me to see it if got straight A’s. Well I did but something happened, scheduling, business, etc. and we never made it to the theater. 22 years later, I finally got to see this in 35mm as part of kids club. And I felt like a kid again. I’ve watched this movie dozens of times on DVD through the year but on the big screen it’s magical. This is Burton’s peak, everything works.

Bonus: I ate my first corndog ever on this day!

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Saturday Morning Kid’s Club: MATINEE (1993)

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Watched: 8/28/2010

Write-ups will be rushed (and probably full of typos!) as I’m desperately trying to catch up! Sorry!!

This generally forgotten Joe Dante homerun is about Lawrence Woolsey (John Goodman), a movie promoter who spends his time thinking up in-theater gimmicks to get audiences involved in the shlocky films with which he tours. During the Cuban missile crisis, he makes his way to Key West where he capitalizes on the paranoia, and the manic b-movie fandom of a young man there, to make his new film MANT a hit.

MATINEE draws on so many influences (b-movies, William Castle, the palpable sense of dread the Cuban missile crisis created) to put together a truly great film great for viewers of any age. It’s consistently hilarious, filled with great characters and the movie-within-a-movie, MANT, is utterly brilliant. I would truly sit though an entire MANT film. Everything about this film is superb and it’s a shame it is mostly forgotten. I hope more people discover it soon.

This special screening, led by the wonderful Kayla Kromer, was filled with Woolsey/Castle caliber in-theater effects including flying popcorn, smoke machines and a Mant creature running around a theater. It was a really awesome way to experience this film and a screening I’ll never forget.

Buy MATINEE on DVD here!

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Saturday Morning Kid’s Club: *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED (1987)

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Watched: 6/26/2010

Write-ups will be rushed (and probably full of typos!) as I’m desperately trying to catch up! Sorry!!

Hadn’t seen this one as a kid. Remembered watching it over and over again back in the 80s so I was excited to finally see it again. I found that while I remembered all the key scenes well there were little details I didn’t catch a kid. It’s still pretty cheesy, but sort of delightful in that way. Something I did take extra note of watching it now as an adult is the copious amount of cursing in this light fantasy film. That and, in the beginning when you’re not quite sure about Jessica Tandy’s mental capacity, it seems like there are quite a few laughs at the expense of her and her (potential) Alzheimer disease. Overall, just as fun as I had remembered, really shows how loose and free moviemaking was in the 80s. Noticed during the credits that Brad Bird worked on the screenplay and James Horner scored the film. Bonus!


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Saturday Morning Kid’s Club: BUGSY MALONE (1976)

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Watched: 2/27/2010

The last Saturday of every month the Alamo Drafthouse hosts Saturay Morning Kid’s Club which is a FREE screening (in 35mm!) of a classic kid’s movie. This week was BUGSY MALONE which interested based on the premise alone. So, I went to my first Kid’s Club and I’m very glad I did…

BUGSY MALONE  is gangster movie, written and directed by Alan Parker, where every role is played by a child. There’s not a single adult in the entire musical. This in itself is hilarious and sets up some really great jokes. But the script also has a keen understanding of gangster picture standards and has some very funny parody that will go over kids’ heads.

Bugsy Malone (Scott Baio) meets Blousey Brown while she is waiting to audition at Fat Sam’s Grand Slam Speakeasy. Unfortunately for Blousey, Fat Sam is too tied up to do any auditions. Besides, he already has a big star, his girl Tallulah (Jodie Foster). His main distraction comes from his rival Dandy Dan who has a new type of weapon – the splurge gun. You see, in this kiddie universe, pies are the bullets and weaponizing pie creme gives sets the competitive advantage directly at Dandy Dan’s feet. Needless to say, as Bugsy attempts to court Blousey he becomes wrapped up in helping Fat Sam defend his turf.

This movie is super fun and I can’t believe it’s not more widely remembered and loved. The novelty of the gangster kids never really wears off. Things are kept fresh with some pretty awesome musical numbers (composer John Williams was nominated for an Oscar for his work) as well as some silly kid style action sequences. The entire cast is shockingly good in their roles. Baio seems to be having the time of his life and Foster grew up a little faster than most kids anyways so her slight sexual innuendo comes off perfectly. A couple late game characters steal scenes effortlessly. Leroy Smith appears to help Bugsy Malone out of a violent bind. Bugsy, whose “straight” job is promoting boxers, introduces him to the boxing world in my favorite musical sequences (see below!). There’s also a very brief scene with a character named Baby-Face that brings a healthy round of belly laughs.

These are the kinds of kids movies I love. High concept, fun, unafraid to throw in a couple of off-color jokes.

Note: There’s no US DVD, but there is a REGION FREE UK Blu-ray! It’s about $18 w/shipping! You can’t beat that!

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