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Terror Tuesday: BRAIN DAMAGE (1988)

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Watched: 3/1/2011

I usually don’t like ranking films, especially when they come from a (more or less) consistently good director but if backed into a corner I might tell you BRAIN DAMAGE is my favorite Henenlotter film. The film is about a boy named Brian who ends up having a phallic looking drug monster named Aylmer attached to him. Brian gets injected with euphoria-causing drugs and Aylmer gets to use Brian’s body to find the delicious brains he loves to eat. I love everything about this film, it’s filthy, funny, and full of great creature and gore effects. The Aylmer revelation scene in the bathroom is one of my favorite scenes EVER. I was super excited to see this in 35mm but didn’t really realize how much it had been cut when it was released back in ’88. I’m hoping people that were at the Terror Tuesday screening that enj0yed the film track down the Synapse DVD. The film is quite juicy in its uncut form, especially the infamous blowjob scene!


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  • 2011 Re-see: 32
  • 2010 TOTAL: 105

Terror Tuesday: THE ORACLE (1985)

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Watched: 2/22/2011

From director Roberta Findlay comes this movie so good the only thing I can really remember about it is the feeling of being bored… Reading the synopsis I felt like I was reading the description of some movie I’d never heard of. Now I’ve watched the trailer again and I’m even more confused- I recognize scenes but can’t quite remember how they were put together. Anyways, I think this was one of my least favorite Terror Tuesdays even though it has some stuff that should make me love it (androgynous beefcake psycho). Oh well. Here’s the trailer just for fun:

Buy THE ORACLE on DVD here!

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 88

Terror Tuesday: MANIAC COP 2 (1990)

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Watched: 2/8/2011

After MANIAC, Lustig stuck around to share his personal, pristine print of MANIAC COP 2, an instance where the sequel is better than the original. Zombie cop Matt Cordell is back from the dead, looking to off the people that put him in prison and killing everyone in his path. Full of destruction, bloodshed, stunts and machismo, MANIAC COP 2 is one of the ultimate crowd movies. I love it! Another great Lustig Q&A followed! Larry Cohen and Lustig should have done more together (other than, you know, UNCLE SAM).

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 66

Terror Tuesday: CRITTERS 2: THE MAIN COURSE (1988)

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Watched: 2/1/2011

Wisely keeping things firmly tongue-in-cheek, CRITTERS 2 is every bit as fun as it predecessor without the need for any setup. It pretty much just goes for it as Brad (Scott Grimes) rolls back into town and finds out not all the critters died. Taking over for M. Emmet Walsh in the role of Harv is Barry Corbin who brings a hilarious gruffness and down-to-Earth sensibility when things get batshit insane. There are moments in this movie that feel like they were created by Joe Dante, especially the scene in the Hungry Heifer. There’s also a fair bit of nudity as bounty hunter Ug decides to turn into a Playboy centerfold for a while. Oh and lets not forget the giant critter ball!!! Remember when PG-13 horror was almost always awesome? As far as I can remember you can stop watching the series after this one. I’ll probably go back and watch 3 and 4 this year, though, just to complete the cycle.

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 59

Terror Tuesday: BLOOD RAGE (1987)

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Watched: 1/18/2011

BLOOD RAGE aka NIGHTMARE AT SHADOW WOODS was a hit at Horror Movie Night last year and I was very glad we had an opportunity to see it in 35mm at Terror Tuesday. It was slightly cut but still quite fun! Here are my notes from last time!

10 years ago Todd, I mean Terry killed a man having sex with his girlfriend at a drive-in movie theater. It seems his rage was spurred by his mother making out with a man. To cover up for his act, he places the axe (!) in the hands of his brother Terry, I mean Todd. Now, in present day (1987), Terry is a free man and Todd is institutionalized. However, when Todd escapes, Terry takes it as an opportunity to go on a good ol’ fashioned killing spree.

So here’s where the movie lost me. Scene 2. Through bizarre narration that only lasts for the one scene (that I can remember), Todd’s psychologist SUSPECTS TERRY WAS THE ACTUAL KILLER, but doesn’t say anything. So Terry is out living his life and Todd, who is still walking around in almost comatose state, mute and probably quite pissed off at the situation, is stuck in the mental facility. Well, now it’s Thanksgiving and Todd has escaped and in all the confusion Terry gets pissed off again and kills more people (I THINK he is again enraged by his 2-pack-a-day mother making out with another dude). All the while Todd is trying to tell people he’s not the killer but nobody believes him, of course, as the woman who knows he is innocent has told anyone.

Some of the gore here is interesting and the movie itself, while incredibly inept, is quite fun to behold. All of the actors and actresses are uncommonly ugly and the acting at times reminded me of specific scenes in TROLL 2.

A pretty much forgotten slasher pretty much rightfully forgotten. Resurrection for the purposes of horror movie night = good. Fun stuff.

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  • 2010 TOTAL: 37

Terror Tuesday: SQUIRM (1976)

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Watched: 1/11/2011

I remember watching this one on cable as a kid and never being all that scared. Maybe a little creeped out by lots of slimy warms (especially the flood of them at the end). Watching this again with a crowd on the big screen it was a right. The story is your basic killer bug setup – a storm downs some power lines that electrocute the local bloodworms (knowing to be capable of a harmless nip) and turns them into carnivorous (and strangely stealthy) killers. What’s really fun here is the NYC pretty-boy who comes to stay with his hillbilly girlfriend. His shock over things in the backwoods town would be a fun movie by itself. That there are killer warms, skeletons, gore, police investigations and a crotchety old worm-farmer is all just bonus!

Buy SQUIRM on DVD here!

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  • 2011 Re-see: 8
  • 2010 TOTAL: 19

Terror Tuesday: EVILS OF THE NIGHT (1985)

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Watched: 11/2/2010

This is a classic example of why I need to keep up with my write-ups. I kept looking at this title on my master spreadsheet and wondering, “What the HELL is this?!” Turns out, after I looked at the cast list, I do remember moments of this film. But I can’t remember if I slept through parts of it or if it was so plodding that I just erased it from my memory. I suspect it’s a combination of the two. Whatever the case may be, a movie starring Aldo Ray, Neville Brand, John Carradine and Julie Newmar shouldn’t be this boring but apparently it was. The plot had something to do with some mechanics who kidnap teenagers to feed to alien vampires. Yeah. That must be it…


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