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The Great AFF Escape

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*Note: The name of the film we were at the venue to see is not important and it will be not be named to avoid any sort of negative feelings towards it based on this unrelated event. Also, it is important to note that never was anyone involved (the producer of the film nor the AFF staff) rude to us. It was more of an uncomfortable, chaotic situation with no malice involved.

3:00: After watching the incredible ECSTASY OF ORDER: THE TETRIS MASTERS with my buddy JC, we wander into Mekong river to grab a bite to eat. During the meal I text Carolee (@leiabox) to see if she wants to join me for a 5:00 movie at the Alamo Ritz.

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Fantastic Fest Bumper!

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I made a bumper for Fantastic Fest. I hope you like it!

Horror Movie Night: MADMAN (1982)

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Watched: 8/18/2010

Write-ups will be rushed (and probably full of typos!) as I’m desperately trying to catch up! Sorry!!

Campers and their counselors in woods filled with legends call out the name of Madman Marz. This brings the killer back to life (or does it?) and counselors stop dying.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m drawn to this film. It gets all the slasher elements right but does it verrrry slowly. For some reason, though, that’s okay here. It doesn’t feel uselessly drawn out like, say, HELL NIGHT. The deaths are gory enough and some of the characters (TP!) are actually pretty awesome. Night photography used throughout the entire movie is (blessedly) well-done and thing are actually easy to see. The one thing I don’t like about this movie (and this is just a complaint stemmed out of my own sick personality) is that the kids are never really in danger. In fact, there’s long stretches of the movie where the kids are forgotten about. Marz only seems interested in the counselors.

Definitely one of the better “slashers” of the ’80s if not one of the more “fun”. It’s a strange attraction I have to MADMAN (MARZ).

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