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Weird Wednesday [Follow Along]: BLACK CAESAR (1973)

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Watched: 2/3/2010

Fred “Hammer” Williamson (the fucking MAN!) play Tommy Gibbs who, as a kid, was beaten down by a crooked cop. He grows up to become a powerful figure in Harlem and eventually makes his way into a mafia family where he becomes increasingly power-hungry.

This is a blaxploitation film as only Larry Cohen could deliver. It oozes Cohen aesthetic and dialogue. Fred Williamson is as awesome as he’s ever been. Love the mafia angle, it’s really a great clash of two very similar worlds. What really struck me in this film is how violent it is. Yes, many films of this ilk are violent, but there’s some real bloodshed in this, something that is, more often than not, suggested. There’s also a ridiculous amount of racial slurs used. There’s no shying away from it here. And I won’t spoil the finale, but it involves some ridiculously over the top payback that is simply jawdropping.

Again, totally dug this film. There’s not a ton of stuff that stands out (other than what I’ve mentioned above) but all around it’s super entertaining and looks wonderful, one of the better shot Cohen films I’ve seen and the Soul Cinema DVD transfer is great! I will definitely be checking out Cohen’s other early works BONE (1972) and HELL UP IN HARLEM (1973).


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      Weird Wednesday [Follow Along]: LUNCH WAGON (1981)

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      Watched: 1/27/2010

      Wow. What can I say about this one? This is a movie about 3 girls who open a lunch wagon, relying on their good looks to attract business. It’s utterly ridiculous and sooo much fun. Though this movie feels a bit low-budget and obscure it’s certainly not as “weird” as some other movies at Weird Wednesday. This is just a feel good sex comedy that involves food and criminals. It’s a smattering of everything that would be done over and over again through the 80s (and arguably done better). However, you have to admire this early entry into those sub-genres.

      There’s some amazing quotes in this one and some awesome tracks by a band called Missing Persons. In fact their song “Mental Hopscotch” is played several times through the course of the movie and is available on iTunes for download. I have to say, though, that “I Like Boys” is probably my favorite track used in the movie mainly because it plays over one of several badass montages.

      There’s not a whole lot to say about this movie. If you like films of this ilk then you will have a great time. Track it down on VHS!

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      Weird Wednesday [Follow Along]: LORD LOVE A DUCK (1966)

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      Watched: 1/20/2010

      I was intrigued by the few things I had heard about this movie. It was playing Weird Wednesday so I knew that it wasn’t what it looked like from the few seconds of footage I’d seen which consisted of a beach party. So I went into this after Horror Movie Night pretty blind.

      Roddy McDowall plays Alan Musgrave and when he meets Barbara Ann Greene (the sinfully beautiful Tuesday Weld) he introduces himself as Mollymauk which is an extinct bird much like a duck. From there the movie heads straight down a path of biting satire as Mollymauk spends every waking moment fulfilling Barbara’s every desire with the biggest one being stardom.

      I need to see this movie again. I was tuned more into the lunacy of it all the first go-around but picked up on much of the satire. And some of it was not subtle. This isn’t just a stab at youth culture but at the school system, the loss of respect for marriage, the politics of sex, the randomness of fame and so much more. Some scenes are so over the top and silly it’s almost impossible to not be entranced.

      I really loved this film from the performances, the music, the satire and the dark places it eventually goes. It may be funny but it’s not afraid to show pain. A great little film and one of the most respectable I’ve seen as part of my Weird Wednesday [Follow Along]. It’s weird, but it’s fantastic too. Can’t wait to see it again!

      You can buy LORD LOVE A DUCK on DVD here!

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      Weird Wednesday [Follow Along]: KILL SQUAD (1982)

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      Watched: 1/13/2010

      Zack and Lars are clever individuals. At Zack’s Terror Tuesday (which I go to every week) we watched RAW FORCE (1982) which had Cameron Mitchell as boat captain and last night at Lars’ Weird Wednesday (which starts too late for me, but I try to watch that night’s movie at home after HMN) the film was KILL SQUAD which has Cameron Mitchell as a gang captain. So clever, you guys!

      The story in the karate-chopping romp KILL SQUAD involves an attack on a business man and his wife. Joe is shot in the attack and his wife doesn’t make it. Fast forward to his release from the hospital and the time for revenge has come. He asks his bud Larry to assemble “The Squad” to track down the one lead they have – a baddie named Dutch (Mitchell).  The Squad is composed of Joe’s old Vietnam buddies and we’re even treated to a flashback showing a time when they all escaped from certain death at hands of the Viet Cong after being captured. As The Squad journeys to find Joe’s attacker a sniper (who appears mysteriously appears at the scene of each interrogation…) begins to pick them off. The sniper’s identity is unkown…

      What I absolutely love about KILL SQUAD is its unflinching determination to keep everything black and white. Each person is good or bad. Let me explain with a description of a scene: one of the members of the squad is a gardener and is looking to be paid fairly for the work he has done. The owner of the house is an asshole and doesn’t want to pay him right away. Per KILL SQUAD’s logic he is bad and so is everyone currently at his house. A battle ensues with everyone at the scene attacking the gardener (who is a Squad member of course) who is good. This is how each character is introduced. Larry finds each one during or just after a battle with a bad guy and all his bad minions. And when a fight starts everyone in sight joins in. So there’s never any innocent bystanders. See, everything is black and white. This logic continues as they go from person to person looking for Dutch. At each location, everyone is an enemy and everyone attacks at the same time.

      There’s nothing but things to love about this movie. The fact that there’s never more that 7 or 8 minutes between fight scenes. The reckless abandon with which the fight scenes themselves are constructed (at one point a parking meter is involved!). The incredibly funky music. A script that thinks it’s super clever (and maybe surprised me a little bit because I was tired and full of Banana Bread beer). Sporadic bursts of bloody violence. It all moves along at a lightning pace. Even when you begin to get to the point where you’re just about tired of fight scenes, KILL SQUAD whips a car chase out of its ass and presents it in the same go-for-broke fashion that makes the rest of the movie so enjoyable. Pure cheesy entertainment from my favorite decade!!!

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      Weird Wednesday [Follow Along]: POOR PRETTY EDDIE (1975)

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