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Watched: 2/28/2011

A group of super hot petty criminals sentenced to community service in the woods are stalked by a serial killer and animals. Sounds awesome, right? Well, unfortunately it takes WAY too long to get awesome. It’s well into act 3 before any major blood is spilled. Admittedly, once it does begin flowing there are some awesome gore effects. It’s a well shot and pretty decently acted low-budget affair but sadly just isn’t that entertaining until the end.


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Watched: 2/28/2011

This was a fairly engrossing documentary about micro-budget filmmaker Don Dohler (THE ALIEN FACTOR, NIGHTBEAST). The requisite modern day filmmakers (like J.J. Abrams?!) discuss their being influenced by Don’s indie spirt, etc. The movie made me realize I don’t know which Dohler movie(s) I’ve seen. I know I’ve seen at least 1 or 2. I think I’ll catch up by programming some of his work during Horror Movie Night 2012. A decent watch for anyone interested in low-budget, indie horror.

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Watched: 2/21/2011

This is a clever little tale from Henri-Georges Clouzot about a series of notes being sent to the town leaders exposing secrets, mostly about a doctor, Remy. What this serves to do is start a ripple effect of secrets being revealed and bring people down to an equal playing field – without blackmail material how can a town full of shady characters exhibit power over each other? The letters continue to point back Remy being the root of evil in the town and the tension grows as everyone seeks to discover the identity of “The Raven”. Ripe with social commentary, this film got Clouzot in a great deal of trouble and he was not allowed to direct again for 3 years. The film still holds up as a tense tale working on several different layers. Much of the black & white photography is exquisite. Really enjoyed this film.


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’70s Movie Project #3: NETWORK (1976)

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Watched: 2/13/2011

Loved this movie so much it’s ridiculous. The story of a TV network that exploits an ex-anchorman who had a complete nervous breakdown on live TV is frequently called prophetic. And that’s true. It makes the film take on new layers depending on how you watch it. If you watch as a person from the 1970’s, it’s kind of scary and hilarious seeing where TV was going. The seeds were there, sure, but this had to seem like a pretty hyperbolic film. Looking at it now, where a good number of shows use real people doing stupid or crazy things to generate easy revenue, NETWORK is still funny but also like a warning sign that was ignored. While watching I was thinking about who we could cast in a movie like this today and I came up with very few people. We don’t have the kind of gruff, badass, time-weathered men needed to pull off the executives and anchormen in NETWORK and who the hell could replace Faye Dunaway in this? Nobody is the answer. Absolutely brilliant film.

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Watched: 1/17/2011

I am a fan of documentaries about mundane subjects. And after watching this one, I know I never want to be a parking lot attendant. While the long hours of being able to read seem nice, it’s dealing with self-entitled assholes I couldn’t stand. This movie is charming, funny and exposes a dangerous side of jobs in a parking lot. A great little documentary.


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Watched: 1/13/2011


No, I haven’t seen any of the other films in the series. But it doesn’t matter. What is this one about? Oh, who knows? A group of American students traveling in Yugoslavia go to see some ancient ritual and end up being attacked by the cult who take the ritual very seriously. The survivors end up on an out of control train being chased by Satan who needs a virgin to come back to life. Or something to that effect. It’s a really shoddy production but tons of fun. It really is the Euro trash horror version of UNSTOPPABLE. With about 1/1,000th the budget. The gore effects are setup well but cheaply executed. Exteriors of the train during more dangerous scenes are about the same quality as model train sets you got for Christmas when you were six. Silly fun, worth checking out if you’re a fan of bad movies.

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Watched: 1/12/2010

This is a great noir that has a rather simple setup but moves its characters into place such that the tension is turned up to at least 12. I don’t have the same issue with this movie that many have and I feel it’s really the whole freaking point of the movie. So, chill out people.

Read a few more thoughts on this in my Your Netflix Instant Weekend column over at Gordon and the Whale!

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